What is the Ice Bullet?

The Ice Bullet is a signature blend frozen espresso shot for an active lifestyle.

The Ice Bullet is...


HYGH Espresso prioritizes an obsessive attentions to quality. 

Each Ice Bullet is hand-crafted by a professional barista, using carefully poured espresso shots and only HYGH quality ingredients.


HYGH Espresso aims to bring the start of your day right to you. 

No more order ahead, looking for parking, or waiting in line.

Enjoy your Ice Bullet on the go, or blend to create endless delicious possibilities.


HYGH Baristas ensure consistency by being present in the moment. 

A HYGH Barista's highest priority is attention to detail.

Carefully observing the espresso pour and measuring each ingredient perfectly.


When you try it, you will not want a day without it. It is too good.

How long are Ice Bullets good for?

Ice Bullets MUST be frozen immediately after receiving.

This will ensure they stay fresh for up to ten days.

Is there a non-dairy option?

Not at the moment. 

Should it be heated it up?

No. It is should be enjoyed frozen.

Is there caffeine in the Ice Bullet?

Yes. As much as a strong cup of coffee, or any espresso drink such as a cappuccino, latte, and mocha.


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