Hygh everyone, 

I’ll tell you a story.

If it wasn’t for coffee I wouldn’t have met my amazing wife. One day, I had the pleasure of serving her an extra hot, extra “yummy” mocha, next day we are married with a brilliant 3 year old (who loves coffee).

Nothing special about me. Only I won’t stay still. And I keep my family with me. We are a family on the go. 

We believe in working hard, enjoying life, and being present in the moment.

We love to travel, snowboard, hike, and enjoy nature.

We aim to create as many new memories possible, so we find adventure everywhere we go.

Unfortunately, one thing we can’t easily find everywhere we go is good coffee. Or any at all.

You have to try what I have created. You’ll thank me later. But you can’t marry me.


Pablo Infante
HYGH Espresso